About Us

Welcome to Beautie Box


Beautie Box was born from a personal need. Since reaching puberty, I have always had skin challenges. I was always on a constant search for a product that was not only genuine but will work for my very sensitive skin.

My first challenge was to find products that would work for me. In my search, after being
burnt countless times, I learnt a lot. I learnt about different skin concerns, which products to
use and in what quantities. I was able to finally find products that worked for me.

The second challenge was “availability”. Finding a genuine supplier made my skin regime
almost impossible.
I decided to reach out to manufacturers to not only have access to these products but to also
be sure of its genuinity.
Based on all these information that I had, I decided to help my friends have access to these
amazing products.

From there, I started selling products on ebay…after so many months, I
decided to set up Beautie Box website.