Abebi White Zero Probleme Whitening Milk 500ml


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Gluta A-C Zero Problem extreme whitening milk with it’s formula designed to lighten and whiten darker areas of the body…..

GLUTA AC ZERO PROBLEME Extremely lightening milk is formulated with macadamia oil having the effect of moisturizing the skin, vitamin A, C, fruit acids to illuminate and lighten areas dark body and injections of glutathione 50gr and tathionil 50gr to lighten with zero pigmentation problems.

Manual :

Daily use the milk morning and evening.

For all skin types including dry skin.

To improve results apply milk

GLUTA AC ZERO PROBLEM with its beauty soap and cream tube.

Disclaimer :

For external use only.

Avoid contact with the eyes.

Without hydroquinone


Injection 50gr, Vitamins A and C, talhionil injection 25gr and acid fruits


Apply this body lotion to clean and dry skin in the evening, USE TOGETHER LOTION, SOAP AND TUBE CREAM

ML / GRAMS: 400ml

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