JOJI SECRET YOUNG Gluta Collagen DTX Mixed Berry 200,000MG


JOJI Secret Young Gluta Collagen 13X  Dietary supplement in powder form mixed best ingredients which contains a mixture of glutathione, collagen from marine fish and citrus fruit extract powders such as strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants. The taste is mellow, fragrant, delicious and not fishy. Helps to whiten the skin and look good.

• Rich in natural extracts.

• Help add fiber to the body.

• Detox toxins and waste in the intestines.

• Skin looks radiant.


  • Control weight
  • Good weight loss belly
  • Reduce the accumulation of new fat
  • Detox the gut thoroughly
  • Bright skin
  • Missing belly
  • Supreme white skin
  • Boost up collagen, reduce premature aging


How to usage: Drink 1 sachet a day, tear the sachet, dissolve it with 100 cc of cold water, stir well and drink immediately.

Caution: Keep away from the reach of children Not recommended for children and pregnancy. This product is not for medical usage.

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