Vaseline Dry Serum GlutaGlow Ampoule Deodorant Bright Renew 45ml(TWO)



Roll-On Vaseline Serum Glutaglow Ampoule Ultra Bright 45 ml

-Powerful concentrated serum, Ultra Bright formula, for extra dull underarms to come back bright and lively.

-First time of Gluta Glow Ampoule in roll-on. Gluta Glow from Vaseline is more effective than Vitamin C.

-There is also a concentrated 3% Niacinamide component. Helps reduce dark circles, adjust skin color evenly, reveal glowing underarm skin with a clear aura.

-Reduce sweat and deodorize for 48 hours.

-Liquid texture, light and dry. Comes with rollers that can be circled all over the arm.

Vaseline Dry Serum GlutaGlow Ampoule Deodorant Bright Renew A lightweight formula, 2X dry fast, with a unique blend of Glutathione, Collagen, and concentrated Vitamin C&E Clinically proven to deeply repair and brighten underarm skin Absorbed deeply and to recover damaged skin surface for healthy & bright underarms 48-hour sweat and odor protection Dermatologically Tested Safe on Skin

No Paraben No Alcohol comparing with roll on of UnileverEpidermis level Apply continuously.

The brightening result depends on personal skin conditions. Cosmetics products cannot change individual natural skin tone.

How to use

Apply to underarms after cleaning.

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