Yoko Mixed Berry Spa Salt 300ml



Yoko Mixed Berry Spa Salt Whitening Skin, Anti-Wrinkle, Moisturizing

With amazing smell, soothes your skin. Remove dead cells , give perfect smell and whitening and anti-aging.

Yoko Spa Milk Salt is a skin whitener, enriched with Vitamin E, pure milk, and natural salt benefits. It provides nourishment to your skin with pure milk, derma white, and allantoin. It removes dirt deposits and dead skin cells from your body, giving you a new radiant skin.

Try this relaxing, exfoliating soak in your bathtub and you’ll be sure to sleep soundly for the rest of the week.

Directions: Pour spa salt onto your hand; rub gently in a circular motion on wet skin. Leave it on you skin for 3 minutes, and then rinse off with clean water. After use, you will feel your skin’s softness and smoothness.

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This natural salt body scrub with the blend of Strawberry and Mulberry extracts creates a powerful moist body scrub. These fruits also contain toning and exfoliating properties. With extra nutritive skin food of Vitamin E and Vitamin B3, these powerful natural ingredients form such a fine spa salt to nourish and moisturize during exfoliating for smooth, clean and healthy white skin.